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Edurecruit is operated by a team of highly experienced international education experts. Our enrollment team possesses long-established relationships with universities and agents across the globe which provide a solid pipeline of quality international students, both on-campus and online, for educational institutions.

The Edurecruit team is one of the most diverse and experienced in the global education arena. Our team:

  • Cost-effectively delivers high quality international students to educational institutions who are concerned about slowing or declining enrollments and student quality, do not understand the complexity of international recruitment, and/or are fearful of making costly and time-consuming mistakes.
  • Connects students and universities from its trusted network of:
    • global university partners from more than 60 countries
    • agents covering 100+ countries
    • best-in-class direct-to-student/parent channels with an emphasis on promoting our education partners thereby allowing them to focus on providing excellent academics, student services, and a superior learning environment resulting in differentiating themselves from other education institutions.
  • Manages the international student recruitment process from lead and advising to application and arrival.

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